1. How do I register on the Mighty River Food Collective website?  Sign up as a member by clicking the person icon in the top right corner of the website. As a member, you order when you want. There is no requirement to order every week. There is also no minimum amount for each order. You can order from multiple producers and pick up everything in one convenient location. Your first week is free (choose the weekly option and enter code MIGHTY) and after that there’s a $12 annual membership fee!

2. When is the buying window?  Pickups are on Mondays for all locations. You can shop between noon Thursday to noon Sunday prior to the pickup day. Producers may continue to add in products at the end of the buying window (surplus products offered in bulk) so you can always check back Sunday mornings if you want to add to your order. There isn't an additional fee for adding in items and checking out twice (or more)!

3. How does pickup work?  You can pickup at the location of your choice. All are $2 per pickup. Choose "Delivery to a Pickup Location” when signing up, and choose your preferred location.

4.  Where are the pickup locations?  
Pickup locations are in the following parking lots each Monday:
IA - Asbury:  Eagles Club, 5:15 pm
IA - Dubuque North End:  Convivium, 5:00 pm *You can pickup from the front on Jackson or the back parking lot off of White Street*

WI - Hazel Green: 3 Mile House, 5:00 pm

When you place an order, you should receive a confirmation email with the time and address of the pickup location you have chosen. 

5. I need to change my pickup location.  Make sure to change this BEFORE starting to shop. If you make the change after adding items to your cart, it will clear the contents from your cart. If you place an order, then realize you chose the wrong location, there's no way to modify the submitted order. Please contact Ashley to let her know the order location needs to be changed (mightyriverfood@gmail.com, or call or text her at 563-581-4314).

6. I added items to my cart, waited a day or two before placing the order, and some of the items disappeared from my cart. What happened?  Unfortunately, placing items in your cart does NOT reserve them. The items are only deducted from the website's inventory when you place the order and pay for it. To make sure you get the items you want before they sell out, place your order right away! You can always come back and place multiple orders during the buying window, and you will only be charged ONE pickup fee!
7. I'm having trouble finding items on the shopping page, and I don't want to scroll through a bazillion items.  On the shopping page, you can search by producer, by category, by key words, or by a combination of these options. This should help prevent a lot of scrolling. 

8. How do I make sure that the products I’m ordering meet my/my family’s standards (certified organic, certified grassfed, non-GMO, etc)? If you’re looking to make sure all the local products you’re purchasing through the shop are in line with your values and preferences, please make sure you look at the “tags” section when you click on an individual item.  The collective farms are constantly innovating to provide you food that is in line with our principles, however we respect that many of our producers are in transition with their farm practices or face supply-chain challenges when sourcing inputs produced off-farm.  We value transparency, so please ask us if you have any further questions about our farms or a specific product!

9. I thought I placed an order, but when I showed up at the pickup location, my order wasn't there.  Once in a while, there is a weird glitch with Stripe, and the order doesn't go through. Make sure you receive a confirmation email for your order! If you don't, contact Ashley to make sure your order went through, OR click on the person icon in the top right corner and select "My Orders." This will show you if the order was received. 

10. Do I return the box my order came in? What about glass jars? Yes, please return your cardboard boxes. If you ordered something that came in a glass jar, you can return the empty jar to the delivery person to receive a credit ($0.50 per jar). We can’t reuse any other packaging, unfortunately.

11. What COVID-19 precautions are you taking? We center the health and wellbeing of our farm and buyer collective members. Our producers all practice safe food handling during post-harvest and packaging. During distribution, all our producers and volunteers wear masks and gloves to ensure reduced contact. If you need us to place items directly in your vehicle, please contact Ashley Noonan so we can make sure to let our volunteers know!

 12. How do I stay updated on news, changes, and other shop highlights? We always feature news right here on our homesite, but we are also active on facebook and instagram (@mightyriverfood) if you want to give us a like or a follow!


If you experience technical difficulties at any point, please don't hesitate to contact Ashley by phone, text, or email using the contact info at the bottom of the website. Thank you for shopping local!