Beef / Pork Sampler Package

20# Pork & Grass-Fed Beef Sampler
20# Pork & Grass-Fed Beef Sampler

Producer: Arnold's Farm

Category: Meat & Seafood

20# package designed as a way to try our most popular pork and grass-fed beef cuts at a discount over purchasing items separately. Beef portion includes 1# hamburger; round, sirloin, and New York strip steaks; chuck roast. Pork items include 1# regular cure bacon, 4 chops, ham steak, shoulder roast, 1# breakfast links, and 1# ground pork.


Antibiotic Free Frozen Hormone Free Local Naturally Grown Sustainable Practices

Available At These Locations

Dubuque - North End | Asbury


$175.00 per Each
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