In January of 2020, Ashley Neises of Sandhill Farm convened a group of farmers in the basement of Monks on Bluff Street to explore ways small-scale farmers could come together in the greater Dubuque area to have farmer-led distribution for local foods. Many meetings, zoom calls, and a pandemic later - the Mighty River Food Collective was born. Nestled on either side of the mighty Mississippi River, our producers share some common principles that guide our growing and production. We look forward to having you join us!


Our Principles 

The Collective seeks to strengthen our local economy and create new market channels for local farmers; foster community food system resilience; as well as promote connection, transparency, and story-sharing between people eating food and growing food.


Our Practices

Collective farmers use practices designed to sustain or regenerate the natural resources we rely upon in our work, including efforts to build soil health rather than rely on synthetic inputs, use integrated pest management instead of broad spectrum pesticides, use grazing practices which promote natural behavioral ecology of animals, and to source the products we use for our farms as locally as possible (or produce them ourselves!).


The majority of collective producers are located within 50 miles of the Dubuque area, making our collective a truly local effort. Thanks to our community for your passion and support of local farms. 


Special thanks to Erin Keyser and Jo Daviess Local Food for mentorship, resources, and letting our web admin Ashley buy your delicious stuff for "practice."