Arnold's Farm

Arnold’s Farm is an environmentally friendly 4th & 5th generation family farm raising pork, grain- and grass-finished beef, and pastured chicken and turkey near Elizabeth in beautiful Jo Daviess County. A pasture based system is used in which no antibiotics, growth hormones, or animal by-products are given or fed. We market meats from our animals directly to health conscience consumers through farmers markets, a delivery service, and an on-farm retail outlet. Individual cuts, quantity packages, and sides/whole animals are available.

Breeds Make A Difference

Hog Heaven

Ever wonder why pork from some sources tastes better than from others? It's the breeds used and the environment the hogs are raised in. Arnold's Farm uses Berkshire and Duroc breeds, both known for flavorful meat. These breeds fell out of favor with the advent of large confinement operations because they were not as prolific in having large litters of pigs, and their meat was not as lean as thought to be preferable. This trend has resulted in lots of inexpensive pork with no flavor that easily dries out when cooked. What makes meat from Berkshire and Duroc more flavorful? It's the intermuscular fat (marbling) and increased backfat these breeds have a propensity to produce. Fat is flavor and an insulator which makes these hogs more adapted to living in an outdoor environment. Fat, along with freedom of movement (exercise) in larger open lots, helps gives the meat more texture and moisture retention (less likely to dry out when cooked). If you have not tried our pork products, you owe it to yourself to find out why our customers tell us it is the best tasting pork they've had in a long time!

Arnold's Farm Grass-Fed Beef

Our grass-fed beef are given no grain, antibiotics, or hormones ever. Calves are born on lush spring pastures and rotationally grazed with mothers until fall. They are wintered on our best quality alfalfa/grass hay harvested from fields that receive no pesticides. All cattle return to pasture the following spring, summer, and fall. After feasting on hay for a second winter, they are ready to market as Arnold's Farm Grass-Fed Beef.